The ETK group introduces the first globally recognised qualification to come out of Africa that also addresses the uniqueness of the African business market. The ABM is the first and only UK accredited Level 6 Qualification that equips its students with the practical knowledge they need to be successful doing business on the African continent.

The launch of this qualification in Nigeria is taking place at the British High Commission Residency at 7 pm tonight bringing together Nigeria’s top brass in HR, Recruitment and Training to see how they can make their businesses more successful and profitable by having employees qualified in the ABM.

The perception of Africa as one homogenous society has informed how many individuals and organisations try to engage the continent when conducting business. This includes African businesses going into other African markets. There are high expectations for Africa as the next leading global economic player. Of the ten fastest growing economies in the world, seven hail from Africa. Nigeria- one of these seven – has now surpassed South Africa as the biggest African economy and is part of the newly formed acronym: MINT, as one of the top four economies to watch. There has been a stark disconnect between actual practical knowledge about how business is conducted in the various African markets; and the more Eurocentric approach to academic education. To meet this challenge, the Enterprise, Training & Knowledge (ETK) Group, through their education arm – ETK Educational – has created a dais in the form of this very unique business management qualification.

The ABM was developed by Africans and business men who have conducted business in Africa and whose successes as well as failures have helped develop the content of this course. It is an intensive 3 -day course of degree level difficulty which is very practical in its approach. Accredited by the UK awarding body Industry Qualifications (IQ), the content is constantly updated with local knowledge and information from a host of grass roots contacts, researchers, consultants and partners on the ground.

“Perhaps the most inspiring and arresting management course I have ever taken. In three days, African business and its potential became worth its weight in Gold!” – Segun Lawal, Accountant

“A very informative and useful class. Relaxed delivery of content and outstanding knowledge of Africa.” – Richard Price, Security Risk Expert

“The organisation, course and content delivery were excellent and I learnt a lot especially about the psychology of African business culture.” – Beatrice Njindou, Marketing Consultant

The ABM has a variety of modules including Market Entry Strategy, Risk Management, Human Resource Management, Project Finance, Project Management, Post-Conflict Africa, Exporting Africa, Working in Africa and Agribusiness delivered at partner centres in 5 countries globally. It can also be tailored to specific organisations’ needs and delivered in-house.


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