Piers Morgan counts down the ten most memorable moments of 2013

Piers Morgan

As Piers Morgan took the chair for the final time in this calendar year, on Thursday evening the CNN host set aside some time for reflection, highlighting ten of his program’s most memorable moments from 2013.

Having asked viewers to vote during the day, and welcoming an eclectic panel tasked with reviewing various video clips, the face of “Piers Morgan Live” counted down, starting with moments ten through seven.

Serving as a cornerstone for his first grouping, Morgan went back to July, reminding viewers of the night guest Rachel Jeantel explained the modern day usage of the “N” word:

“That mean a male,” explained Trayvon Martin‘s friend, as a live studio audience hung on her very word. “Any kind of male … Chinese can say n***a.”

Having watched the clip, Nischelle Turner said that although Jeantel’s narrative was uncomfortable, it at least served to move an important conversation forward:

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