The Heir

Untold Stories




−This is my land, Eric Dooh states. His face shows no signs of the pride you could expect from a man who inherited a fish farm, a bakery, a school and acres of farmland from his father. We are in the village of Goi in southern Nigeria, one of the villages that have paid the highest price for the country’s oil drilling. In 2004 a massive oil-leakage upstream from Goi forced the villagers to move out.

−Everything was contaminated. The water we used to drink, the river we used to fish in, the soil where we grew our crops – everything was damaged. I heard talks of 10.000 barrels of oil leaking out in only one week; Eric says and looks at the river where the pollution still is visible in the rainbow-colored layer of oil that floats on top of the water. The smell adds to the misery. Crude…

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